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Vladimir Wiedemann

Russian Translator

Vladimir Vladimirovich Wiedemann is a philosopher, writer and journalist. He was born in Estonia (Tallinn, 1955). As a student, Wiedemann attended the Tartu-Moscow School of Semiotics where he completed a thesis on "Leonid Andreev and Arthur Schopenhauer: Motives of Schopenhauer's philosophy in the Russian culture of the Silver Age".

Participating in the hippy and new age movements he was involved in the counter-culture; Samizdat, organising private lectures and seminars on Anthropology and the history of religions, running underground Yoga and Martial Arts groups in Tallinn and Moscow.

In 1976-81 he was secretary to the philosopher R.M. Tamm, who headed the Forest Academy in Estonia (theoretical and practical parapsychology). Wiedemann worked as a correspondent for the Russian Service of the BBC in Germany for 20 years, collaborated with various Russian and international media, including RFE/RL, Deutsche Welle, Russian Radio in America, and Radio Reka, amongst numerous others.

Specialised in international politics, economics and culture Wiedemann is the author of more than 20 books, as well as participant in various anthologies (political science, culture, futurology and prognostication).