Kapil Gupta

Co-founder of The Nibana
Men’s Interpersonal and Relationship Coach

Following a 15 year corporate career and a MBA from University of Edinburgh, Kapil  co-founded TurnON Britain, a company dedicated towards personal growth. He spent the last 6 years living a very spiritually monastic lifestyle, full of practices based in connection and relating.

Brought up in an environment that valued “education, success, achievement, a good career, wealth, and family,” Kapil says he spent 15 years successfully striving towards them all, including a MBA and an 11 year relationship that ended in divorce, only to discover that he was “only happy on the surface while disconnected underneath.” 

Committing himself to mastery of a new paradigm of relationships, which included how to be authentic, vulnerable, and in approval of the so-called negative aspects of his personality, Kapil’s personal growth journey took him away from corporate life and transformed him into an expert in Emotional Intelligence, dynamic relationships and a men’s interpersonal skills coach!

Kapil has a deep understanding of the Art of Emotional Communication, and loves working with people on becoming self-aware, working with their shadow, creating ever-evolving relationships and lives fuelled by connection and desire.