John Allison FRGS

Army specialist in bomb disposal, counter-terrorist search and weapons intelligence 
Founder of Motion to Mind & StreetGym

John spent 24 years in the British Army specialising in Bomb Disposal, Counter-Terrorist Search and Weapons Intelligence. Having retired from the military he went on to become health and wellbeing manager for two London-based marketing agencies.  Using his experience of operating in high threat and high pressure environments he designed and implemented programs to improve the physical, mental and emotional health of several hundred employees.  Having worked with the agencies for five years he went on to set up Motion to Mind™, a holistic wellbeing service.  He also continues to run StreetGym®, his innovative brand of urban training in the city. 

John has a vast amount of life experience from his Army career where he often worked in austere and challenging environments, from the Antarctic to Baghdad. In addition he had to come to terms with the loss of his mother and brother, military colleagues and a difficult transition into civilian life after such a long period of military service

He can often to be found getting muddy or building a shelter in the woods when he's not working with clients in the city.