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Gerrie Skeens

Former TEDx Performer
Award-Winning Actress
Model, Director and Translator

Gerrie Skeens is an actress, model, writer, director and photographer. Known for her roles in Ravenswood (2013) and Red River (2017), Gerrie has appeared in countless theatrical and film productions and has won awards in numerous ceremonies, including the 14/48 London Festival, Living Skies Student Film Festival and Pasadena Eclipse International Film Festival.

In 2018, she played the part of Nina in Ward 6, Queen Elizabeth in Richard III, and Medea, a solo show. In collaboration with JAG Art she appeared in A Cloud in Trousers and PoArtry of the Revolution, a joint Russian/English language production which she co-wrote, translated and directed. Currently, she is touring Wow – Women on War with her company.

She plays tennis to a high standard and speaks English, French, German and Russian.